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Strategic Praying For Survival By Pastor D.K Olukoya


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Strategic Praying For Survival By Pastor D.K Olukoya

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5th APRIL 2020

Begin to thank the Lord for sparing your life;

  1. Any power assigned to celebrate my tears of sorrow, die in the name of Jesus.
  2. I put myself and my family inside the envelope of the fire of God in the name of Jesus.
  3. Any power assigned to use sickness to trouble my life die in the name of Jesus.

Like what I have been saying, these are very hard times for so many people and these are a very rough time for the whole world.

Like have been saying the Lord Almighty is passing a very strong message and we must take these message seriously.

What that has happened now is like everybody now has gone on Holiness by force; Holiness by fire;

All devices have seized all these things that people do, now that they can’t do them anymore.

God is passing a message across:

-This a time to repair your ways;
-Prepare for the rapture, &
-The trumpet may sound anytime;

God is warning

The book of Matthew make it clear when the time arrived, there will be terrible things happening all over the place:

Men are to be failing for fear, there will be pestilence.

May the Lord deliver us in the name of Jesus. This is the time to access you as a Christian.

– What have you contributed to the things of God?

– What has God been telling you that you’ve not paid attention to?

– What are those things the Holy spirit has been putting in your hearth you have neglected it?

This a time to prepare your time and to prepare your life.

The time table of man will soon be over.

It may not be now but prepare now.

What is happening now is a very strong message to all believers and all who know about God.

God rules in the affairs of men


Anchored Scriptures: Psalm 23:4;
Matthew 10:16

These are two survival passages.

Survival is a central theme of life whether you like it or not.

Any shadow of death assigned against you shall scatter in the name of Jesus.

God did not promise us an easy road, but if you do not survive you will of course expire.

There is something known as Survival Agenda:

  1. You must function despite adverse conditions;
  2. You must out live the storms battling your life;
  3. You must exist inspite of danger;
  4. Be as wise as serpent and as wise as dove;
  5. You must be a fighter;
  6. You must have the power of God in your life;
  7. You must live a clean life;
  8. You must be a person of prayer and a person of the word of God
    Luke 18:1-5:

What is Prayer?

– Prayer is a mystery;

– The power of prayer is beyond the level of human reasoning;

– Prayer is a mixture of simplicity and complexity;

– Prayer is simple but can travel more than imagined;

– Prayer is relevant to the young and the old;

– Prayer can be an action or attitude;

– Prayer is the fight of faith;

– Prayer is an agony and a wrestling match;

– Prayer is submissive to God and also forceful;

– Prayer can work instantly and can always reserve action;

– Prayers cannot die;

– Prayers cannot be wasted;

– Prayer has no respect for your opinion, position, power, your boldness, your aggression;

– Prayer does not recognize geographical barrier;

– Prayer can be focused on a simple object that also roam around the world;

– Prayer can comfort as a confession; &

– Prayer invest great power upon men.

I pray the anointing of prayer, the engine of prayer will fall upon you in the name of Jesus.

When you can really pray, you have no problem.
Where prayer have been look worm, good things have been languished; Where there is prayer, scarcely will bad things developed.

Most people are not magnetized to prayer. Some people prefer Church should be an entertaining center. Many don’t like praying.

The bible says:

My house shall be the house of prayer not a house of dancing or entertainment.

Why is it that unseen forces, they work so hard from keeping us from praying?

Why is that we do not naturally delight in drawing near to God in prayer?

Why is that many of us don’t see prayer as a love affair between man and God?

Why is that many Christians avoid the presence of God in prayer? And when they are in the presence of God, they are always in a hurry to get out, which is one good thing that this look down period has done.

  1. Prayer takes time.
    The Praying Man Stands Between God and the devil;
  2. Prayer battles unseen forces;
    You As Close To God As Personally
    The Holy Spirit Will Open Our Understanding In The Name Of Jesus.
    The Praying Man Stand Between God And The Devil.
  3. Prayer Battles Unseen Forces;
  4. Prayer Can Disable;
  5. Prayer Can Uproot;
  6. Prayer Can Revive;
  7. Prayer Can Resurrect;
  8. Prayer Can Demolish;
  9. Prayer Can Abolish;
  10. Prayer Can Terminate;
  11. Prayer Can Kill;
  12. Prayer Can Reveres;
  13. Prayer Can Fast-Forward;
  14. Prayer Can Organize;
  15. Prayer Can Plant;
  16. Prayer Can Build;
  17. Prayer Can Destroy;
  18. Prayer Can Recover;
  19. Prayer Can Pursue;
  20. Prayer Can Overtake;
  21. Prayer Can Pull Down;
  22. Prayer Can Create;
  23. Prayer Can Recreate;
  24. Prayer Can Rebrand;
  25. Prayer Can Repackage;
  26. Prayer Can Reveal;
  27. Prayer Can Decode;
  28. Prayer Can Constitute;
  29. Prayer Can Reconstitute;
  30. Prayer Can Construct;
  31. Prayer Can Terrify;
  32. Prayer Can Eliminate;
  33. Prayer Can Blind;
  34. Prayer Can Isolate;
  35. Prayer Can Discover;
  36. Prayer Can Re-Orientate;
  37. Prayer Can Elivate;
  38. Prayer Can Demote;
  39. Prayer Can Re-Construct;
  40. Prayer Can Sanitise;
  41. Prayer Can Authorize;
  42. Prayer Can Legislate;
  43. Prayer Can Dismiss;
  44. Prayer Can Pull Down;
  45. Prayer Can Raise Up;
  46. Prayer Can Dominate;
  47. Prayer Can Judge;
  48. Prayer Can Acute;
  49. Prayer Can Bury;
  50. Prayer Can Mesmerize;
  51. Prayer Can Dis-Harm;
  52. Prayer Can Withdrawal;
  53. Prayer Can Approve;
  54. Prayer Can Dissolve;
  55. Prayer Can Disapprove;
  56. Prayer Can Stand;
  57. Prayer Can Echo;
  58. Prayer Can Incubate;
  59. Prayer Can Paralyze;
  60. Prayer Can Arrest;
  61. Prayer Can Punish;
  62. Prayer Can Fertilize;
  63. Prayer Can Repair;
  64. Prayer Can Rewire;
  65. Prayer Can Suffocate;
  66. Prayer Can Glorify;
  67. Prayer Can Polise;
  68. Prayer Can Divide;
  69. Prayer Can Bind;
  70. Prayer Can Loose;
  71. Prayer Can Roll Over;
  72. Prayer Can Ignite;
  73. Prayer Can Deactivate;
  74. Prayer Can Nullify;
  75. Prayer Can Activate; &
  76. Prayer Can Organize.

The greatest thing you can do for God and for man is to pray:

– Prayer is not a preparation for the battle, prayer is the battle.

– A prayer less man is a tragedy, a disaster not only to himself, but to his generation.

May God give us the anointing for prayer in the name of Jesus.



– Prayers should be persistent Luke 18:1;

– Prayers should be fervent James 5:16;

– Prayers should be specific;

– Prayers should be Done in faith;

– Prayers should be done In the name of Jesus;

– Prayers should be According to God will;

– Prayers Must be resistant;

– Prayer should not dictate to God how to answer;

– Prayers should be done in the realization that God resources are unlimited;

– Prayers should be done pleading the promises of God;

– Prayers must be done in religiousness;

Fornicators, gossipers, adulteress, robbers, those doing wrong things are wasting their time in the alter of prayer; &

– Prayers should be done until we can praise God for the answers.


– Prayer is the only power that can overcome the laws of nature;

– Creative praying is to call what does not exist into existence;

– Learn Creative praying is to command what in not;

– Creative praying is to exercising creative praying in prayer; &

– Calling the dead back to life.


– Let prayer become a blessed habit to you; &

– Be a prayer addict; the flesh does not want to pray.


– Do not settle down for minimum exhibition of God power;

– Ask for big things from God;

– Pray without minimizing what you expect from God;

– Pray without assurance;

– God encourages very large petitions
Every impossibility and possibilities have one size lesser than himself; &

-Bold prayers does not only move mountains & hills but tears them down


– Unity begets strength;

– There is cumulative power in united prayer;

– United deepens the spirit of prayer; &

– Unbelief strive more in isolation, united prayer deepen the spirit of prayer.




– God encourages argument in prayer Isaiah 41: 21; &

– Prayer is not a child play or toil.


– It means desperate praying;

– Desperation is strong hammer;

– It produces change;

– Progress begins; &

– Desperate prayers are Short, direct, specific, directive.

These Are The 9 Steps For You To Practice Strategic Prayers.

This Teaching Is To Help You In This Desperate Period.

Prayers Points

  1. Oh God arise and silence the rage of the enemy in the name of Jesus;
  2. Envelope of fire of divine protection, overshadow my life in the name of Jesus;
  3. Every tongue of witchcraft assigned to destroy my health catch fire in the name of Jesus;
  4. Every struggle assigned to put me to shame die in the name of Jesus;
  5. Oh God arise bury problems and announce my glory in the name of Jesus;
  6. Every power assigned to dry up my plant of destiny die in the name of Jesus;
  7. Oh God arise and change my frustration to great testimonies in the name of Jesus;
  8. Oh God arise and have mercy on the human race in the name of Jesus;
  9. Every power assigned to send fear into my spirit get out of my way in the name of Jesus.

 Notice Board:

Until you are born again, God ever abiding presence will never be with you. You must be born again to enjoy continuous victory. Please say the displayed prayer below in faith:

Lord Jesus, come into my life. I accept You as my Lord and Personal Saviour. I believe in my heart You died and rose from the dead to save me. Thank You Lord for saving me, in Jesus name Amen.

If you just prayed the prayer of salvation online please send your testimonies and prayer request to, +234 (803) 078-0919 OR +234 (817) 363-1657.

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