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The Benefits of LIVING ON PURPOSE By Pastor Paul Enenche


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The Benefits of Living on Purpose By Pastor Paul Enenche

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SERVICE OBJECTIVE: Understanding the advantages of living in the purpose of God for our lives.

Living on purpose means living in the perfect plan, will and purpose of God for your life (Rom. 12:1-2)


The Benefits of LIVING ON PURPOSE By Pastor Paul Enenche 2The Benefits of LIVING ON PURPOSE By Pastor Paul Enenche 3
  1. The best place to live on earth is in the Centre of God’s Will for your life
  2. The best thing to do in life is what God wants you to do with your life
  3. The best form of success in life is success in the direction of God’s Will for your life
  4. The worst form of failure in life is the failure to be and do what God wants for your life
  5. Another form of failure in life is success in the wrong endeavour


The Benefits of LIVING ON PURPOSE By Pastor Paul Enenche 4The Benefits of LIVING ON PURPOSE By Pastor Paul Enenche 5
  1. Divine provision (Ps. 23:1-2)
    Divine purpose guarantees Divine provision
    The leading of God and lack in life don’t coexist; they are mutually exclusive and diametrically opposed
    God will lead you into the career that has your money, into the profession that carries your provision and the assignment that has your consignment
    A major cause of scarcity is labouring in a field that God did not allocate to you
    If you are in the wrong pursuit, the struggle for supplies continues but if it is God leading you, if he leads you into the sale of crayfish, you will be a notable billionaire there
  2. Divine guidance (Ps. 23:2; 1Kings 17:3-5)
    Divine guidance is a constant where Divine purpose is followed
    Divine guidance is a guard against disasters of destiny
  3. Divine rescue and restoration (Ps. 23:3)
    If you are in the midst of His purpose, even if you have made the wrong move, he restores you back and rescues you from making further mistakes
    Restoration also includes the restoration of your health and body system
    God continuously services your health when you are in His purpose
  4. Divine preservation (Ps. 23:4)
    Follow His track for your life and you won’t jam the trap of the enemy. Follow His course for your life and you won’t run into the curse of the adversary
    Inside the purpose of God for your life is your safety and protection
    Anytime you step outside His plan for your life, you step into danger
  5. Divine Presence (Ps. 23:4; Mark 16:15-20)
    The Presence of God follows the purpose of God
    When God guides, He guards and when He guards you, He goes with you
  6. Divine celebration (Ps. 23:5)
    When you follow His purpose, you enjoy celebration, when you follow your purpose you enjoy toleration
    When you follow His purpose, you effortlessly end as a celebrity; when you follow your purpose, you end as a liability
    You don’t lose going all the way with God
  7. Divine Unctionization (Fresh Oil) (Ps. 23:5)
    When you stay in His purpose, your head cannot lack fresh Oil; the Oil is fresh in His purpose
    When you step out of God’s purpose, you run out of Oil
  8. Divine goodness and mercy (Ps. 23:6)
    In the purpose of God, your world will know that God is good
    The goodness of God is the privilege of those who follow God’s purpose and plan for their lives
  9. Divine establishment and stability (2Sam. 7:10)
    God divinely establishes you when you follow His purpose for your life
    When you decide to stay in God’s place for you, in that place you are stable; you are a territorial commander there.
  10. Divine leading unto righteousness (Ps. 23:3KJV, TLB, NLT)
    If you are in God’s Plan and Will, it is easy to move consistently, irrespective of enemy confrontation or conspiracy.
    Anything bringing you into much compromise is not the Will of God for you
    Anything you have to be crooked to succeed in, find out if it is the Will of God for you
    If it is of God, He delivers you from pits of compromise
    When you are in His purpose, He assists you to stand straight
    When God leads, the pathway is the path of peace.

Whatever you do, live on purpose!


  1. Ensure that the Lord is your Shepherd (John 10:27)
    God will not guide those that are not His sheep
  2. Ensure you follow His guidance for your life
    This life is not a rehearsal for another one,so don’t gamble with it!
  3. Ensure you remain in His House forever (Ps. 23:6)
    When you are positioned and located in His House, ‘road miss-age’ is not your portion


  • Father, thank You for Your Word to us tonight. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name!
  • Father, I come before You today to surrender myself as Your sheep. I apply for Your help to remain Your sheep. I cannot help myself Lord, I apply for guidance. Please don’t leave me to myself; I need to be guided in relationship, vocation, location and relocation decisions.
  • Father guide me, please don’t leave me to myself Lord, in Jesus’ Name.
  • Father, I ask for the grace to remain in Your House. I receive the grace to remain in Your House all the days of my life Lord, in Jesus’ Name.


It is your Communion of light, sight, insight and revelation


The Benefits of LIVING ON PURPOSE By Pastor Paul Enenche 6The Benefits of LIVING ON PURPOSE By Pastor Paul Enenche 7
  • The eyes of your spirit and the eyes of your mind are opened to the Will and Plan of God for your life in Jesus’ Name
  • Whatever is yours shall locate you from the North, South, East and West in Jesus’ Name
  • Every satanic arrow, witchcraft arrow and deposit from hell, everything planted by God is hereby uprooted from your body
  • You shall have overnight Divine encounters in Jesus’ Name
  • Experience drastic, dramatic, and dimensional shift in all realms of your life in Jesus’ Name
The Benefits of LIVING ON PURPOSE By Pastor Paul Enenche 8The Benefits of LIVING ON PURPOSE By Pastor Paul Enenche 9
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