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MFM Daily Devotional 4 November 2018 – Terminating Lifetime Affliction

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MFM Mountain Top Life Daily Devotional 4 November 2018 By Dr. D.K Olukoya – Terminating Lifetime Affliction

TOPIC: Terminating Lifetime Affliction (Mountain Of Fire and Miracle Ministries, MFM Daily Devotional 4 November 2018)

FIRE SCRIPTURE: Genesis 47:8-10

MEMORY VERSE: “What do ye imagine against the LORD? he will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time.” – Nahum 1:9


Affliction is anything that causes pains, suffering, distress or agony. Beloved, from experience there are three types of affliction: Short-term affliction, Long-term affliction and Lifetime affliction.

A lifetime affliction is the affliction that follows a victim to the grave. It could be from birth. It could be from the womb, or at any stage of a life. Once it comes, it does not end until the victim enters the grave, except hindered by divine intervention.

At the age of 130, Jacob was already an old man, and he died at 147 years. Jacob suffered and he was afflicted but even at 130 years, he was still looking for greener pastures in Egypt. At this age (130 years), he looked older than his age and worse than his father when they were at the same age. Remember that Jacob started in a very hard way. He deceived his brother, Esau, and then ran away to escape the anger and threat of his older brother. As a result, he suffered so much. He could not witness the burial of his parents. At Padan-aram in Laban’s house, he suffered so much before he could marry Leah and Rachel. He endured seven years of hard labour for each of the wives. He had a son he named Ben-oni, which means, “son of sorrow”. His wife Rachel died at child birth, and he lost his beloved son (Joseph) which compounded his affliction. Beloved, Jacob really suffered till his death.

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The story was told of a man who suffered greatly while caring for his family. One day on his way to seek loan to attend to his family, he met his untimely death in a fatal accident. This is an example of lifetime affliction. When Jacob appeared to Pharoah and Pharoah saw how he was, looking gaunt and skeletal to be the father of young Joseph, Pharoah had no choice than to ask that question, “How old at thou”? Beloved, there are lifetime barreness, lifetime poverty, lifetime sicknesses and diseases, lifetime loneliness and so on.

These are the works of the enemy, because he knows you are created to be great. A pastor, who is a mathematician by divine intervention had to pass through affliction as an unfulfilled mechanic for years because he lost his mother when he was in primary school. His mother had promised to pay his fees to the university level. But he met Jesus and God helped him by making provision for him to be educated to the tertiary level and today, he is fulfilling destiny. Are you suffering? Arise and pray because it may be caused by a lifetime affliction. Terminate it, deal with all Medianites of affliction in your life. And as you pray, the Lord shall bring an end to every affliction in your life and it shall rise no more.


Affliction will not rise a second time in your life.


1. Every evil agenda of my father’s house and my mother’s house to waste my life, die, in the name of Jesus.
2. Any wicked power that wants me to die in affliction, die, in the name of Jesus.
3. Every power prolonging my problems, as I go out today, I terminate your activities, in Jesus’ name.

4. Every foundation of affliction in my life, your time is up, die, in Jesus’ name.
5. Bitter water of affliction, flowing in my life, dry up by fire, in the name of Jesus.
6. Every gathering of evil powers that want me to die with my present problems, die, in Jesus’ name.
7. Lion of Judah, roar, pursue affliction out of my life, in the name of Jesus.


MOUNTAIN TOP LIFE is a daily devotional by Dr. D.K Olukoya (General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries, Worldwide)

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